Blackbird 3 (of 3) is available on IndyPlanet!

Charlie Goubile's dope martial arts superhero comic Blackbird is finally available for preview and purchase on Indyplanet. I'm definitely glad to see the Growing Pains arc rapped up and will be copping this joint asap! here's the sales pitch:
 Taking place in fictional city of Grimsburg aka Grim City, Blackbird tells the story of young Antwon Jenkins, who after loosing the only family member he has ever known to the streets, is moved to bring justice to the city by becoming the crime fighting hero Blackbird. With the support of his new family and friends Antwon struggles to rid the streets of crime and corruption as well as deal with trials of being a young adult.
Antwon is out for justice as Blackbird, in the final issue of the Growing Pains story arc.
With Growing Pains wrapped up, you can cop all three issues on IndyPlanet.


Vee (Scratch) said...

Thanks for the heads up!

samax said...

it's what i'm here for!

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