Angry White Dude Rap

Ozark Empire... by Listener

first thing i need to point out is that this is NOT a joke. I'm posting this song because I think it's DOPE! this is Listener, of the mighty Deepspace 5 crew. If you find Listener's early music, you might be led to think he was a black dude because he spoke with a deep voice and street slang... over time though, Listener has gotten more and more comfortable in his own skin, so to speak, and his music is better for it.  I mean, his music is weird, but it's authentic. I heard this song a while back, but did not know there was a video for it. This song Ozark Empire is on his 2005 album of the same name (to preview and/or purchase the record on Amazon, click here). While this 'washing machine' mix of the song is not on there, the record is still pretty good on EQ's hippity hop beats. Check it out unless... y'know... you don't like white people.


Corance said...

That was ill!

samax said...

i'm SAYIN'! i heard this joint a while back... I probably listened to nothing else for a couple days... i was a disgruntled wage slave at the time, so it spoke to my rage.

"it's like a prison, except we pay you more, so you owe us more..."

"you're not a loser. you just lost"


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