Eric Canete is drawing the new LUKE CAGE Book!!!

If that headline got you anywhere near as excited as I was to learn about it on Newsarama, you probably need to calm down. I mean, I'm a comicbook nerd by occupation... YOU should probably keep your composure! anyways, I wasn't just screwing with you... that dude Eric Canete (The End League, Cybernary, Iron Man:Enter the Mandarin) is drawing New Avengers: LUKE CAGE, a new mini-series set to drop in April, starring soul brother #1 Luke Cage of the New Avengers (but of course old-heads like ME know him best as the Power Man half of Power Man and Iron Fist!). Normally, I would be ranting about how Luke Cage needs to have some pride and put a shirt on for the cover, but since Eric Canete drew that joint, it's okay! anyways, peep the preview pages below (click 'em to enlarge), and stay tuned for more news!

old school Luke Cage with Iron Fist!


According to series writer John Acurdi (Wednesday Comics, BPRD, Aquaman), "Luke discovers that an old friend, or rather the son of an old friend, has been following in his own footsteps down in North Philadelphia in a kind of “Hero-for-Hire” business. The young man, Leodis, has set up in the worst part of the city to help out people who couldn’t find help anywhere else. For his trouble, Leodis is beaten to a pulp. So now Luke feels that since this poor broken kid tried to be like him, he’s got to do something about this, which is to say, go kick some ass. But once he gets there, the facts are revealed to be a bit more complicated than what I’ve just told you..."
so, what do you think? yeah, YOU! Canete is an artist that people tend to love or hate... I know MY vote, so which one are you? Do you think he will make a good fit for Luke Cage?
holla like ya know me!


Jay Potts said...

I love the energy of Canete's linework. It has a certain grafitti vibe to it. I like what I see here, except in one regard... Canete's depiction of the ballistic impact on Cage's flesh really gives me the heebie-jeebies. It makes me think of abscessed flesh or eggs implanted beneath the skin. *shiver* Other than that, it looks real cool.

Samax said...

yeah, i see what you mean, but i kinda like it... I like it when two people with the same powers manifest in totally different ways, and Cage has always been visually uninteresting (except for his wardrobe back in the Powerman days!).
maybe there needs to be more experimentation with that...

but yeah, his artwork plays lots of games with lines and anatomy. I definitely enjoy it!

B_Steelo said...

It's like mana from heaven

Samax said...


Corance said...

I like the guy. Sometimes his anatomy goes crazy, but it's always exciting.

Paul Milligan said...

Love Canete's work, I can't get enough of it. Really happy to see him on just about anything.

Samax said...

I'm with you, Paul. I love the energy! he'll be perfect for a violent character like Cage! can't wait!

B_Steelo said...

I will say this: You need to be careful how you color his work. As mush as I dug that Joe Kelly Deadpool he did, I got lost a lot. You kinda have to dig. That's ok though because it has the graf to it. Much like Damian Scott in the same book.

It takes a keen eye.

Samax said...

GREAT point Steelo!

computer coloring is tricky, and too often work gets real muddy... I think a lotta really dope artists get lost that way.

I bet he'd benefit from being able to pick his own colorist

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