Reggie Hudlin speaks on Black Panther Cartoon, Working for Marvel, etc

here's a nice interview with Reggie Hudlin, movie director and producer, former BET exec, and comicbook writer. in this interview from San Diego Comicon, Hudlin speaks on his time at BET and his writing Black Panther for Marvel. I read recently that Hudlin was originally supposed to do the first six issues (the story collected as Who Is the Black Panther), and wound up writing the book for 5 years, all of which are now collected in Trades. I found that interesting, since those were the strongest issues in his run. In his defense, the book would have been better if all the issues has art of the caliber as what John Romita Jr (Amazing Spiderman, Kick-Ass) produced for that early arc. anyways, hope you enjoy the interview, and stay tuned for more Black Panther news later on!


Corance said...

Interesting perspectives. I thought he was spot on about the problems of not having a shared shorthand on racial issues. Thanks for posting this.

samax said...

no problem.
Hudlin gets bashed a lot, but knowing he originally intended just to write one story arc makes me feel better about his flaws.

I thought he was a decent writer, just uninspired for the most part (skrull blaxploitation planet = no). he had some great moments: when T'challa punked captain Britain when he asked for the ebony blade back... NICE! when he put on armor and brandished the blade against Iron Man... DOUBLE NICE!!!

the stuff between T'challa and Iron Man is money, so haters can get the bozack... T'challa is a boss, and so is Tony. In some ways they are like two sides of a coin, so there's always that friction. Priest established an antagonistic relationship between Tony and T'challa already, so those people can get a late pass.

I will definitely check out that BP/Cap joint...

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