peep the MILESTONE FOREVER wrap-around cover

yo! Check out the cover of Milestone Forever #1, on sale February 3rd. This book wraps up the continuity of the original Milestone Universe characters HARDWARE, STATIC, ICON and BLOOD SYNDICATE. Milestone collaborators Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, John Paul Leon, MD Bright, and Chrisscross get together to set the stage for Milestone's future in the DC Universe. A story over a decade in the making!


Corance said...

I really hope this is good. It could be a game changer; or just another crossover.

samax said...

yes. I hope DC was prepared to make a real commitment to the characters. There's so much potential, it'd be a shame to do run-of-the-mill stories with them.

Paul said...

That is an awesome list of artists! I haven't seen MD Bright on anything in a while.

samax said...

yeah, all these artists have been MIA for a minute. guess they got 'real' jobs or something!

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