"I Used to hand out my tapes, but then I got hungry..."

<a href="http://listener.bandcamp.com/track/ive-been-waiting-for-this-moment-for-all-my-life-hold-on">I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, hold on by listener</a>
hey kids, it's hip hop! more kooky quality raps from that dude Listener of the mighty DeepSpace 5 crew. This is another song off that Ozark Empire album he did with EQ.
"The landlord needed money, and i didn't have his funding.
So that day i started running, and relied on just my cunning.
Man it really wasn't funny..."
NICE! if you missed it, you need to peep the youTube video where he spits over a dude beating on a washing machine. click here now to be blessed!

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