Unreleased Mos Def track

click the pic to listen to/download The Tournament by the mighty Mos Def. reportedly, this joint was meant to be on Mos' stellar 2009 release The Ecstatic.



bigkuntree said...

I think this was on a mix tape released sometime before the Ecstatic was released to stores

samax said...

Mos has so much material, I can't keep track... where i got it from, they said it was weeded out from being on The Ecstatic. I remember there being a mixtape in the spring or summer, though... so you're pro'lly right!

bigkuntree said...

Yeah...dude puts out a heap-load of music...its like he sleeps in his studio (a la Cody ChestnutT).....I got a mixtape of freestyles, unreleased remixes, etc from "hustle man" in NYC 2 years ago....man, that isht is classic material!! It included cut out tracks from The New Danger.....straight CRACK MUSIC!!

samax said...

yeah, that's BONKERS! I actually became a fan of Mos Def after "Black on Both Sides", and when I went looking for more music from him, was overwhelmed by how MUCH of it there was! Ever since, I have been a fan...

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