New Print (maybe an upcoming comic?)- DANDY LION by Samax Amen

 I came up with the character Dandy Lion in 2012, when I was working at the e-learning company Study Island. The character was borne of one of those puns so visual that it keeps bouncing around in your head until you let it out and give it a mission.

Initially all I did was draw the character based on the pun. He needed to be really dapper, and a lion.  I had fun with it.  

A few days ago I decided to color the drawing while I was on the phone with my girlfriend.  Then as I was sending it out to my email list last night, I cooked up this backstory for the character:
DANDY LION created by Samax Amen
Daniel Leon Davis was the hotshot assistant district attorney with the killer smile, fresh wardrobe, and a bright future in politics. No one suspected he was putting on a high tech costume and fighting crime as the Dandy Lion.
It was all good... until he came in contact with some kind of ancient alien lion god who trapped him in the Dandy Lion suit permanently!
Sure, it gave him more powers, making him better at fighting evil, but what about his job, and... his girlfriend?!!

Before we break our arms patting me on the back for creating the greatest character of all times, it's really just the concepts of Daredevil and Blue Devil mixed together.  But if a mashup of Deathstroke and Spider-Man can get a 300 + issue series and two movies, I can make a Dandy Lion comic. 

Anyways, if there is ever to be a Dandy Lion #1, it's a long way off.  I did decide to make an 11 x 17 limited edition print of this image to commemorate the event, though!  So if you like this image, click the yellow Add to Cart button below to order your copy for $25, which includes domestic shipping.  But hurry!  I'm going to press this weekend, then this special price will go away!

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Samax Amen is a professional Content Developer, Illustrator and Cartoonist. He is the artist of many great comics you never heard of like Herman Heed, Champion of Children, The Brother and The World As You Know It. He even writes and draws his own comics, like Dare: The Adventures of Darius Davidson, Spontaneous, and Manchild when he gets around to it. Because making comics is hard and stuff, he started GhettoManga as a blog in 2006 and as a print magazine in 2008.
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