I Like Powerful Women #SueMe #SheGoHard

"Give the homeless homies money, so they eat well. 
Went and copped the Audi. Gotta go and get it detailed."

The sales pitch:
Shop for official Eve merch: https://shop.genesis320.com Stream "Oprah" and more by Rapsody here: https://rocnat.io/n/eve “Oprah” Featuring Leikeli 47 & Reyna Biddy LYRICS: Imma master Y’all should give me honorary masters I work the green like the Masters That new slave talkin like he got a master Screaming Free Thought All the greatest legends behind bars they really talk Everything I say is everything I really walk Got it for the free if it wasn’t what I really bought yeah, Pigeon pose Only way we ever ever ever come toe to toe My Ivory Coast, copper blood got me dripping gold Yeah, I got the juice, whew see I’m dripping Dole Dollars, dollars, dollars circulate Dollars, dollars, dollars circulate Dollars, dollars , dollars circulate Dollars, dollars, dollars circulate Give the homeless homies, money so they eat well Went and copped a Audi, gotta go and get it detailed Drive don’t depreciate the value of the resale Still talkin that sh** in dis mother like we Ezell Hold up, mothership flow bring the funk back This for my young heads, my real ones, and old blacks This for my nasty n***** asking where the hoes at This gon be the break we stop and make em do the soul clap It ain’t uncommon to borrow a dolla Invite me over to eat wit yo momma I like the checks wit the commas on commas I like the checks wit the commas on commas I need them dollars Run me my half ‘fo I put a whole in yo wallet Cold case on my waist you on’t want these problems Bank called said they running outta commas Das on my momma I’m steady mobbin Posted up til I reach my profit margin Cash money 99 and 2000 Hustler, don’t you hear my stomach growling Bitch I’m bout it I’m hungry So I need them tender greens spillin off my plate Cash on delivery, bitch I raise the stakes You would hate / what I f***** make Just to pop out and i don’t even show my face, oh yeah To count it all it’s ‘gon take about a minute Don’t claim the gang ho if you know you not wit it Marijuana scented / windows tinted Keep it low cus you know these ni**** can’t wait to print it, oh yeah Music video by Rapsody performing Oprah. © 2019 Jamla Records, LLC. Under exclusive license to Roc Nation http://vevo.ly/Zpx8iq

Okay, so y'all already know weapons-grade female rhymers turn my knobs in a good way... 
So Vevo got me feeling real nice right now with this double dose of #SheGoHard

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If you're reading this RAP...
Go 'head witcha self.

"some AX"

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