Who You Got? Columbiana or Venom?

I drew these two characters for one of my Daily Sketch emails last week.  Who would win if you wrote this comic?  Not just who's the stronger of the two, but who would YOU (as the omnipotent writer) have win the battle, and why?

Hey, fam...

Here's what happened:

Wednesday afternoon I was playing one of the movie channels in the background while I worked on the latest page of my client's comic BiGS

Once I finished the page, I sat down with a burger to actually watch the movies for a while. 

As it turned out, two movies I liked were coming on at the same time.  So me being who I am, I did a drawing with the star of each movie fighting the other.
Cattleya VS Venom by Samax Amen
Cintiq + Adobe Photoshop
♥ + comment on Instagram
I couldn't decide whether to watch Colombiana or Venom, so I memorialized that internal battle by drawing them fighting instead.
I love both of these movies, even though neither of them is critically acclaimed. 

Click the movie poster of either film to read review I wrote after watching it.
This week, I came across this old drawing of Lara and Jor-El, parents of Kal-El of Krypton, better known as Superman.

Did this piece in 2014, when I was doing a Daily Fan Art challenge.

I called them 30 Minute Sketches on my blog.

I did this before watching the new Superman reboot, Man of Steel.

Russell Crow was good as Jor-El in that movie, but I still think Marlon Brando owned the character in the Christopher Reeves Superman films. 

I wanted to evoke Brando in my Jor-El.

Brando's Jor-El was every bit as iconic as Supes himself. In retrospect, I'd say my Lara feels heavily informed by All-Star Superman artist Frank Quitely's style.

If I could rip him off altogether, I probably would. I think visuals of Krypton (and especially the Els) should evoke a utopian science heaven.

In the increasingly agnostic age we live in, at least the origins of the comicbook science god Superman should still be revered, rather than deconstructed and made all poopy.

Anyways, I drew this with my Cintiq in Photoshop. Hope you like it.
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