Don Cheadle reprises his GREATEST role...

Every Republican's worst nightmare has come true! No, I'm not talking about Obama's second term... Well, they are really buggin' about that, but something even WORSE has happened: Tree-hugging demi-god Captain Planet has taken over the world, and it turns out HE'S a black dude, too?!

here's the first one, in case you were in a coma...

 AAAAAND the new joint:

Captain Planet 2 from Don Cheadle     
 Captain Planet's blue suit has me dying! Anyways, I gotta go draw.

[EDIT: Here's 4 and 5. I didn't see them 'cause I been doing my work or whatever. These magazines don't sell themselves!]
Captain Planet 3 from Don Cheadle     

Cap is mad sensitive... DON'T TELL HIM I SAID THAT!!!
Captain Planet 4 from Don Cheadle     

The power is yours... 


NIL8 said...

You should put up 3 and 4 as well. Just to complete the story,

samax amen said...

Thanks NIL8! I didn't realize they were out yet!

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