"Hip hop sucks because of YOU..." -DJ Fusion

DJ Fusion (her mama just calls her Mary) of FuseBoxRadio breaks down some hip hop philosophy for you at this TEDx Talk...

Yep. I don't spend a lotta time focusing on negatives, but there is plenty of blame to go around. I like that Fusion spends time talking about what can be done to make things better. It's really not that complicated, but the internet lures us into complaining about the current state of affairs instead of making it better.
We all know how I feel about cookie-cutter corporate isht...
 But yeah, I wrote a response to the whole Hip Hop is Dead debate some time ago, which you are free to read here. Suffice to say that I don't believe that hip hop is a goner. However, like many cultures that go through a so-called "golden age", hip hop fans spoiled rotten by the easy access of the YO! MTV RAPS/Rap City era became lazy and complacent, and the culture has suffered for it. It's not Hip Hop overall that died... it's the hip hop in you.

Hip hop is an activist culture. If you expect good music to just COME to you... you are probably not a hip hopper anyways. Or at the very least, you are not living it. It's dead in you.  Let me say it this way: Once YOU started letting the "Industry" pick your favorite rappers for you, the hip hop IN YOU took a long nap. In the nineties, the Industry was doing a pretty good job of picking for you, but those days are over, and pop rap sucks again. Don't panic! It's no big deal. Just put your ear to the street and start picking your own shit again. Don't worry about who's "hot" or whatever. Just buy (GASP) the stuff you like.  Yeah, even though starving artists will often give away perfectly good music free, you should pay some of them anyways. Which ones? Only the dopest ones. Which ones are the dopest?

You haven't been listening, have you?
Sigh... PICK YOUR OWN! But don't keep it a secret! SHARE what you find with others like I do. Don't waste time arguing with other people's picks. Trust me, I could fill my day fronting on the wack ass music you like, but I don't, 'cause that's a waste of my time. I share the good stuff I find, and some times, I even BUY something. That's what's up!



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