Calmplex encourages his peeps to subscribe to GhettoManga! (((airhorn)))

I recently sent out packages of stuff to my subscribers and fan club members, and have gotten some good feedback. This video is by Shadow of the Locust emcee, graf writer and cartoonist CALMPLEX, who encourages his viewers to check my work out, which I totally appreciate...

So this seems like a good time to point out the correct way to say my name, since 'Plex is making the common mistake of saying it as if it's the two names Sam and Max right next to each other. Samax is pronounced "suhMAX" as if the words Some and Ax were next to each other. 
Since I have so many people whose only exposure to my name is in writing, I'm sure lots of people out there are saying my name wrong when they talk about my work or whatever...
Anyways, a BIG THANK YOU goes out to my boy 'Plex for the shout. Go to his website to get familiar.
Here's some links for the other stuff he mentions in the video:

Sullivan's Sluggers

and his crew "The Next Hype Collective"

OR if you're interested in a subscription to GhettoManga Quarterly, click here to join the GHETTOMANGA INSIDERS and get a subscription, an exclusive member-only teeshirt, random free stuff, and more. 
-some AX.  

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