Misty Knight is on her way to Tennessee!

After a few weeks hanging in the Janette Kennedy Gallery, my Misty Knight painting is on her way (via FedEx) to her new home in Tennessee with my Twitter fam @DwainIBe, who bought the piece this weekend. While I'm glad Misty has found a happy home in the Volunteer State, it means she won't get to hang in the the shows I have coming up in the Spring.
So I got a little bit more painting to do... but that's a win-win!                                                                                                                                 

have a good one!


Jean JNESS Nerestant said...

Fabulous piece Samax! What medium was it done in? Congrats, it's always great when artwork is purchased and finds showcase in a new home! :)

samax amen said...

Thanks JNESS! It's acrylic on a 16 x 20 canvas.

I couldn't be happier to sell this. It's my first fan art painting. I have a big show in May, so I'm definitely gonna do more painting!

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