Valkyrie + Misty Knight = FEARLESS DEFENDERS!

Fearless Defenders Poster Now
I guess Marvel finally noticed that I wasn't buying any of their books, and Fearless Defenders #1 is their way of saying they want me back... That's sweet.

Here's the sales pitch:
NEW TEAM! NEW VILLAINS! NEW CREATORS! Valkyrie and Misty Knight are the Fearless Defenders and not since Power Man and Iron Fist has an unlikely duo kicked this much—well, you know. Writer Cullen Bunn (Venom, Sixth Gun, The Fearless) and new-to-Marvel artist Will Sliney (MacGyver, Star Wars, Pigs) bring you the book everyone is going to be talking about on Thursday morning.

 Fearless Defenders #1 (Deodato Variant Cover Edition) - $39.99
from: Things From Another World
CLICK HERE for a Sketch Cover by ME!!!

Misty Knight usedta run the streets with ninjaesque Heroes For Hire gal pal Colleen Wing. I see she opted for the Asgardian upgrade. I cannot say whether I think Fearless Defenders #1 will be good or not, because the creative team of Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney are 100% new to me, but I can say that I like where this is going based on the preview. I have a feeling that both Knight and the D-List Damsel who's never in distress Valkyrie are going to get power upgrades. Whatever the case, I hope this creative team is able to take this new dynamic duo to heights unseen by the name Defenders. Fearless Defenders #1 hits stores February 6th.
Issues 2 and 3 are also available for preorder at Things From Another World (click images below)

Fearless Defenders #2 - $2.39DANI MOONSTAR joins the Defenders! Valkyrie and Misty prepare to take on the Doom Maidens. Plus: A closer look at our sadistic new villain!

Fearless Defenders #3 - $2.39WARRIOR WOMAN joins the Defenders! Who is she? And why is she back from the dead? >br> Plus! A city of silent superheroes. And: Defenders vs. Doom Maidens!


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