New cover. New title. STILL the BEST SUPER HERO NOVEL I have ever read! #begBorrowSteal

David Walker (BadAzz Mofo, Blind Monkey Style) has written the best super hero story I've read in a long time, and did it without needing to lean on a superstar artist. If you want to read a decent superhero genre novel, there are lots of choices out there. If you want a GREAT superhero novel, buy Super Justice Force (The Adventures of Darius Logan) now.
Super Justice Force (The Adventures of Darius Logan) is a well-written superhero story that stars a non-powered protagonist. Similar to comics like Marvels, Kingdom Come and Astro City, Super Justice Force (The Adventures of Darius Logan) drops the reader into its world of superheroes, villains, aliens and conspiracies already in progress. The simultaneously wide-eyed and jaded Darius Logan serves as a medium through which the reader can absorb this rich and fascinating universe crafted masterfully by Walker. The author takes his time laying the groundwork of the larger world Darius inhabits, in particular the environment of Super Justice Force headquarters where Darius serves as support staff. 

David Walker paints a picture of Darius and the many other characters that make up the supporting cast. What impresses me the most is that he manages to do all of it in the course of telling a very engaging story. I never felt bogged down with details. I never asked myself "why is he bothering to tell me this?" Walker tells his story in such a way that each reveal helps keep the story moving instead of slowing it down. 

Super Justice Force (The Adventures of Darius Logan ends in such a way that I am satisfied with what I read, but I also want to know (and read!) what comes next. I'm pretty sure anyone who has ever enjoyed superheroes in any medium would enjoy this book. It gets my highest recommendation. Cop Super Justice Force (The Adventures of Darius Logan) on Amazon, or where ever you can find it. But GET IT by any means! Darius Logan and the world Walker has built around him deserve to be a franchise on the level of Harry Potter or Twilight. Who can say whether or not that happens, but I'm hoping to return to Darius's world again very soon!


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