This dude ANDREW HUERTA is SICK with the pen... SICK, I SAY!!!

Because I am obviously a glutton for punishment, I took on the task of being a moderator of a Luke Cage fan art group on DeviantArt, and as a result, ran across this ill drawing by Andrew Huerta (Jinnrise, Pathfinder). Dude is insanely dope! Peep some art below, fam...

It's encouraging to see a dude like Huerta getting shine from a gateway publisher like IDW, because it's only a hop, skip and a jump to the really big leagues from there.  The grind of monthly comics can really take the polish off an artist's apple, so here's hoping son can hold onto the steez.
 This page from Jinnrise #6 was the first of Huerta's comics pages I got a look at on DeviantArt. Love at first site, yo. It has the Takeshi Koike/Yoshiaki Kawajiri influence that helped make Joe Madureira's work so popular in the nineties. Huerta's lines also have some serious b-boy energy to them... I would bet money that he's also a graf writer, based on the way he handles his linework. I mean, look at this burner he did as a pin-up for the Image book Luther Strode below. That's some black book shit coming to a train near you, fam.

 Here's some fan art drawings he was selling on D.A. (son's got billz...). Obviously, dude cuts for Invincible. 

Anyways, Huerta's definitely on the list of dudes I wanna interview for the magazine... I'm gonna catch up with dude to confirm my graffiti suspicions and what-not, so stay tuned for that.  Before I leave you, I figured I'd drop these Man of Steel fan arts he did. I actually wasn't even planning on seeing that movie, but all the great fan art dudes were posting on the web won me over. But I guess that's a whole 'nother post... Huerta takes Supes in a totally different direction than the majority of artists that draw him, and I actually find it more appealing, as people who have seen my Superman fan art already know. I also love how he made Zod look extra grimey. Work on your hygiene, soldier...
Anyways, click here to check out more of Huerta's work on DeviantArt, and look for Jinnrise Vol 1: Manifest Destiny in stores now!


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