Napoleon Da Legend and Crazy Al Cayne working on a new SugarCayne Experiment EP?

Here's a couple joints from that dude Napoleon Da LegendLet's set it off with It's Real, with the Thermal Soundwaves dudes...

Here's another collabo with that dude Crazy Al Cayne for Cayne's upcoming SugarCayne Experiment: SupernovaCaynePo EP. Napoleon pulls out the pre-8 Mile Eminem flow on this one! But as always, Da Legend makes sure it's rhymes worth listening to...

Despite the title to this post, I have no idea if Napoleon and Cayne have plans to do another EP together, but if my opinion counts, I vote yes. As anyone who has read my review of The Sugar Cayne Experiment Volume 1:Napoleon Da Legend already knows, these two make a team of Gangstarr-like proportions. After first becoming aware of him just before the first SugarCayne Experiment EP dropped in 2011, I've heard a lot of Napoleon's songs, and Cayne is my favorite producer to hear him rhyme over. It's a perfect match. No disrespect to none of these other producers, but it might be time for the duo to get dynamic, that's all I'm saying...


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