"I ain't rich but I hustle, cause everyday is another chance to get out the struggle..." @DaShade

Temp job and freelancing is keeping me away from the blog, but Da'Shade rapping over a Raph Saadiq track was more than I could resist, seen? Peep...

This song Good Man really resonated with me, and I'm betting it will appeal to you too. This time of year, the demands of living in the material world turn up to ten, even if your paycheck is not up there with it. So many people already equate love with money in America, and advertising reaches into virtually every facet of our lives during the winter holiday season, amplifying an already oversize desire for more. 
Speaking of which, I gotta get back to work... this Doc McStuffins Talkin' Clinic Playhouse
ain't gonna pay for itself, you know!

have a good one...

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