the Brand New Old School Video Show: GOLD TIPS by Playdough & DJ Sean P(atrick)

I been listening to a lot of old-school stuff lately, so when I saw the video for the title track off Playdough and Sean's new album Gold Tips,  I felt right at home...

Ha ha... great use of stop motion in this video, directed by Playdough and Sean. Here's a couple more vids from the album, which I swiped off the Man Bites Dog Records Youtube Channel:

I love this one. Reminds me of some old Busta Rhymes silliness (where are you Spliff Star?!?!?).

When I started hearing the early leaks from Gold Tips, I was initially concerned that Playdough was on that dumb-it-down mission that all wordsmiths find themselves considering to make ends meet in the anti-lyricism climate that is the modern rap industry. But my impression at this point is that in a collabo with his long-time road deejay Sean "the other Sean P" Patrick, Playdough just wanted to make a record that gave equal shine to deejay and rapper, as opposed to the emcee-centric compositions his long-time fans are used to.  Gold Tips is Playdough and Sean's love letter to old school rap, and I'm totally cool with that.
As I have said before, modern hip hop fans (who are much more accustomed to synthetic interpolation of old music than sampling) have lost their appreciation of what a good hip hop deejay can bring to a record. As a fan who cut his teeth on Run DMC (and Jam Master Jay), EPMD (and DJ Scratch), and Public Enemy (including Terminator X and the Bomb Squad), I have a huge appreciation for the multilayered samples, mixing, blending and scratching that are best served by your friendly neighborhood turntablist.  So if you like these videos, give it up for DJ Sean P.
Gold Tips jumps in the Deloreon, fires up to 88 mph, and successfully takes it back to the glory days of that "he's the deejay I'm the rapper" type isht. I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be Playdough's best-received (i.e. "best-selling") record. Pumping the breaks on the complexity of his rhymes and turning the feel-good up a notch with the help of Sean's exuberant sample-crazy production makes for a sound that new listeners may find more inviting. My initial fear that the songs would not feel very substantial have calmed a lot after hearing more of the record. In fact, the more I hear of Gold Tips as a whole, the more I like the songs individually.  Playdough has been on my "name you can trust" list for a long time, and it will be fun to see how Gold Tips stands up to multiple listens.
Anyways, click here to cop Gold Tips on Amazon, or check for it on iTunes or where ever you get dope music from.

Samax Amen draws people, places and things for fun and profit. Whenever possible, he makes it awesome. Playdough didn't hire him to draw a cover for Gold Tips like he should have, but you should still click here if you need album art and Samax will hook you up.

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Album art by GhettoManga

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