Check out the preview for this Culture Clash Western comic SKYBREAKER from @IDWPublishing

It's been a while since I read a good Western comic. This Culture Clash Western comic Skybreaker from IDW looks right up my alley...
Here's the Sales pitch:
Skybreaker is a genuine, no-holds-barred Western, a throwback to Sergio Leone and the Man with No Name. The titular character, Skybreaker, is a man of two worlds, half Sioux and half Christian. When these worlds clash, he is betrayed and left for dead. A tale of dark revenge that explores the violent roots of American life, and how you can never kill your way to peace.

Not sure if the art on Skybreaker is good enough for me to pay for it, but I would love to read this if the digital version was free. If its message compelled me, I would support it in print just to encourage the content. Drew Zucker looks like he is ambitious with his choices of how to draw scenes, but his appetite is still bigger than his skills. But that's a good place to be as a young artist, and if Michael Moreci's scripts turn out to be dope, Skybreaker might be just the right vehicle for an artist like Zucker to come of age. With their emphasis on period costumes, architecture  and colorful characters, Westerns are a better incubator than superheroes for a young artist, and Skybreaker as a concept has lots of growth potential. We'll see, right?
Anyways, Skybreaker, a 104 page graphic novel, is in stores now (click here to cop it on Amazon).

Samax Amen gets paid to draw stuff. Whenever possible, he makes it awesome.

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