#nowPlaying "CPR: The Blend Tape" by Gods Illa, hosted by @fatbellybella aka Erykah Badu aka DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown

My apologies to any of my friends that may have tried to put me onto Gods'illa only to be unjustly ignored. I'm late, but dammit, I'm here...

I know CPR came out in 2011, which in internet years makes it ancient, but it's soooo dope! Last weekend I somehow ran into the Saviors and Punishers video they did with Sean Price, and that's all it took to get me on board with Gods Illa.

"Your crew bitch, get mistaken for bimbos.
Hard to fight back when thrown straight out the window..."

 Yeah. Gotta love YouTube. Anyways, I got an important meeting. Hopefully, I'll close this deal and get to draw some more comics for money. Maybe later I'll update this post with a review of the record. Maybe not. Either way, you can click here to cop CPR: The Blend Tape off Gods Illa's bandcamp.


Samax Amen draws people, places and things for fun and profit. Whenever possible, he makes it awesome. 

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Album art by GhettoManga

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