A nice MF DOOM radio interview, plus... Is this dude in the UK passing my art off as his own?

My dude Khalid Latif aka BigSteelo aka Worldwide McBride aka Singabore Rhymes with Zsa Zsa Gabor posted this MF DOOM interview below, and I decided to share it. So as I was searching for a DOOM picture to include with this post, I found a pic where some dude swiped my drawing (above) and colored it (badly) and is passing it off as his own... even selling prints of it.
Wow. So this dude photochopped, colored it and slapped a stolen logo on it to make the cipher complete! From comments on his page, it looks like dude makes teeshirts and stuff, so to any of my UK heads that may have bought this on a shirt, yeah you supported a biter. Biting is rampant among so-called teeshirt "designers" so I can't say I'm all that mad. At least let heads know you copped the lines from another artist, though. Credit where it's due, son! Sheesh! I drew that piece at a FREE COMIC BOOK DAY event in Dallas back in 2006. Wonder if he swiped any of the other joints I drew that day?
Anyways, here's the interview...

Good stuff, guv'nor!
So again, biting is wack, DOOM was born in Great Britain, and it's definitely a small world after all!

have a nice day...

Samax Amen draws stuff for fun and profit. Whenever possible, he makes it awesome. Even though Adobe makes it easy, he doesn't bite, cause that's wack.

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