Brandon Graham covers Elephantmen #43

 Peep the wraparound cover Brandon Graham did for Elephantmen #43. SPOILER ALERT! Nah, just kidding, I don't know anything about the issue... I just snatched this off'a Facebook...

I've read Elephantmen only sporadically, but have found it to be a cool book. It's one of those comics that's kind of intimidating, like watching a stray episode of Lost, and concluding that I'm not ready to give this the commitment it would take to really enjoy it. Still, on a lite week, there's something about a random issue of Elephantmen that's hard to resist. It's all post-genetic science-fiction and politics... But also hot chicks and Hippo detectives. I will get all the way into it eventually... Anyways, here's a preview from issue #42, which is out now.

I got nothing to add.

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