Official Video to "Grown Up" plus a few words about that dude Danny Brown

I just snatched this video for the Danny Brown track Grown Up off Crazy Al Cayne's website. It's what I do...

Seeing as I don't watch MTV, 106 and Park and any of that, I totally missed Detroit bad boy Danny Brown's rise to prominence as a leading rap ne'er-do-well. People were always talking about him, but I mostly ignored them because he looked like a crackhead wearing his big brother's clothes. For some reason,  I decided to look at his video for the song The Hybrid a while back, and I went crazy for this dude's style...

"Flow so hot, I'm sorta like incinerator
hater, none greater than an urban dictator.
 Spit like New Jack City wedding caterer.
BROWN like the Prince of Arabia.
The Last Dragon you're Eddie Arcadian.
I'm negotiating like Chris Sabien.
You on some gay shit like Les Nubians.
I'm in a new BM playing Brand Nubian..."

 He still looks like a crackhead... but DAMN that crackhead can SPIT! This song The Hybrid (which oddly is NOT on the album of the same name) is still my favorite of his. I love his references to pop culture and the way he plays with words and vocal delivery is very true-school, despite the fact that he is about as grimy as they come.

"What you write is all vagina,
what I write is Wall of China.
Like eights of grape apes getting stuffed in my suitcase..."

Here's a youTube joint with the record Black and Brown that he did with Detroit button-pusher Black Milk.  This is in heavy rotation for me right now, so enjoy...

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