Preview Video and Art: "CHRONICLES of PIYE" a new African Fantasy by Richard E. Gaskin & Chris "Crazyhouse" Miller

Looks like Chris Miller (Chris Crazyhouse, Nukkullheadz, ACTION! Magazine) is getting his black Jack Kirby on. Here, he's working with writer Richard E. Gaskin on Chronicles of Piye, An African inspired fantasy graphic novel they are looking to release in late 2012 in both digital & print form.
peep some promo materials I found below...

I'm really feeling these designs. It's good to see how they are handling this on the marketing side. As of right now, the Chronicles of Piye Facebook page is just shy of 38,000 likes, and they are working with media companies in Barbados and Nairobi. The point being, they are not simply focusing on the narrow ass American comics market, but have a worldwide vision. I'd love to see more black creators learn the lesson here. 
As of right now, Chronicles of Piye is set to drop in December 2012. My hope is that they just take their time, and not rush to market. They've shown interest in other media like video games and cartoons (which is a good thing), but I want them to make it a great COMIC first. But that's just me!



Marshall said...

looks awesome man! love the smooth sharp tribal strokes and great gesture work. Lot's of energy! beautiful work!!

samax amen said...

I thought so too. That dude in blue is my new favorite superhero! LOL!

corance said...

I'm feeling this too. Those pics are just exciting to look at. I see why you compared him to Jack Kirby.

samax amen said...

Word. His stuff is really fast and loose. He's pretty prolific, too!

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