For all the anthro fans: THE MIGHTY ZODIAC #1 from @OniPress

Check out this short preview of The Mighty Zodiac #1, the new anthro comic by J. Torres, Corin Howell and Maarta Laiho.
Here's the sales pitch:
When the Blue Dragon dies, six stars fall out of the night sky! Ailing Master Long, leader of the Mighty Zodiac, orders his warriors to gather the stars, lest they fall into the hands of the malevolent Moon Rabbit Army. With the stars, the Mighty Zodiac may yet revive their master, rescue their world, and restore the light. Without the stars, the darkness threatens to divide the tribes and destroy Gaya...

That's one badass rabbit. 
With the resurgence of  TMNT, and the popularity of Rocket Raccoon, I think it is a good time for creators and publishers to experiment with anthro comics: that is comics starring humanized animal characters. 
Anthro characters have been heavy in manga/anime and videogames for as long as I can remember, but stuffy American comics creators and readers have been reluctant to fuck with them, for fear of being associated with "kids' stuff" like Disney and Warner Bros cartoons. An obvious manga head like J. Torres is a perfect writer to make sure it's done right, so I'm betting this will be dope. 

We will all see just how dope when The Mighty Zodiac #1 hits stores April 6th.

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