OH SNAP! New NUMBER13 in the works?!?

So you know I'm already geeking on Robert Love from the new Dark Horse project Children of the Plague he's been teasing about. Now I'm bugging about this new Number13 page he leaked on Facebook this week!

"Here's the one and ONLY sneek preview of a Number 13 short story in the works. Art by Steve Willhite. Details will come in due time."
If you're unfamiliar with Number 13, Robert Love and David Walker's post apocalyptic action comic starring a stone-grilled black orphan getting his hero on, you should totally get your hands on the trade paperback and give it a read, before it shows up in a theater somewhere
So I didn't know they had another artist working on it, but this cat Willhite is mustard, son. Here's a pinup he did that the crew dropped on the NUMBER13 Facebook page last summer...
Sequentials? Check!
Pin-ups? Check!
I'm looking forward to seeing this story develop and roll out... in Dark Horse Presents, I assume. Anyways, I'm always excited to see some creator-owned fire.  Robert Love is always grinding. It's a beautiful thing!
As I find out more about this, I'll keep you posted.
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