#nowplaying "OUT TO WIN (Wonder Breed remix)" by Sivion (featuring Manchild and Macho Ortega)

Just ran across this remix of Out To Win (from Sivion's album Group Therapy) by some dude named Wonder Breed. It's dope. Peep...
Group Therapy is a dope record (and I'm not just saying that because I did the art for the packaging), and Out to Win is one of my favorite joints on the album. My point is that this remix does justice to a song I already loved. Sivion, Macho Ortega, and Manchild all go hard on this track, but in my opinion, Macho just kilt it. 
All these dudes are veterans of the Christian hip hop underground (yes, there really IS such a thing), which can be a really weird balance of youth ministry role-model humility and battle rap braggadocio.  Out to Win is about that tough-to-hit target. All three of these emcees are really good at striking the right balance between spiritual submission and microphone blastmastery in my opinion, but Macho's verse here is perfect. 

Anyways, Dallas-area beat maestro Wonder Breed did a good job remixing this.  If I had done it, I would have switched it up to put Macho's verse last. But that's just me. CLICK HERE to cop this track for nothin' via soundcloud. Since you're so well behaved, here's the album version, produced by the mighty Fred Bruno (who I drew as a giant on the album artwork, just because...):
And I wouldn't be doing my damn job if I didn't remind you to cop the original album, so click here to get your hands on Group Therapy.

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