That new video for the DJ Shadow/Run the Jewels track NOBODY SPEAK is my SHEET! #HipHopIsALIVE

The diplomat rap battle-turned royal rumble that is the video for the Run The Jewels track Nobody Speak (off DJ Shadow's new album The Mountain Will Fall) caught our attention over here at GhettoManga HQ this week!

  If you've been following politics at all lately (sometimes I feel like it's following me), you sometimes feel like this kinda outburst is about to happen at any time...
"It's such a dope video. It's what I really wish Trump and Hillary would just do and get it over with...And even in that fight I think Hillary would win - and that's not an endorsement."
Killer Mike

GhettoManga contributor (not a Killer) Michael put me on to this video, noting that he has been noticing more complaining about hip hop than people sharing good stuff lately.  As usual, we like to stay above all that shit here at GhettoManga, but I don't think the problem is a proliferation of mumble-mouth rappers as much as a general love of hating that is exacerbated by social media.

Hate is the new Love.

It's no accident that one of the Presidential candidates is a master of hate-tweeting.  Since Facebook introduced the angry-faced icon, attention whores have even more motive to post things that will get you mad enough to click something.  Marketers know that sex sells, but hate comes in a close second.  There is more diversity in pop culture than ever.  In the content as well as behind the scenes. But any blogger will tell you that complaining about how publishers, movie studios, and record companies are getting it wrong will net you more clicks than celebrating the things they are doing right. 

Maybe it's an inevitable evolutionary fact that people are more aroused by the things they hate than by the things they love, but I refuse to be about hate. When I get mad about something, I don't start or join arguments on the internet, I respond by making art.  Sometimes my art is angry, but even when I'm afraid, or depressed, or enraged, I make my art with love, and with hope for a better future. If you are a creator, I strongly suggest you do the same.  In a way, I think that's what DJ Shadow, El Producto, and Killer Mike were doing here: fighting evil by holding a mirror up to it. 
If you're not an artist, I suggest you try harder to share stories, art, and ideas you you are excited about.  That make you feel good or gives you some kind of hope for the future of the culture.  Not saying it has to be "positive" messages, only that it has to be something you love.  OH! And if possible, buy it.   Then encourage others to buy it too.
Did I mention you can CLICK HERE to buy a physical or digital copy of DJ Shadow's new album The Mountain Will Fall, of which Nobody Speaks is a single?  
Because you totally can, and totally should.


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