This would be the best @AdultSwim or @ComedyCentral cartoon show ever...

"I'm gonna SMOKE you..." Emperor Zombie
I'm not sure what I was doing back in 2006 when the Sci-Fi Channel dropped this pilot episode for a cartoon series based on Mike Mignola's Eisner-winning historical action comedy horror comic The Amazing Screw-On Head, but somehow, I missed it.  Well, I finally saw it this weekend via the copyright-disregarding magic of YouTube, and it was JUST PERFECT!

For most of his career, I was only slightly aware of Mike Mignola.  He went from zero to hero in my life with the launch of his career-defining creator-owned monster hero comic HellboyBy creating a comic that made perfect use of his artistic strengths while totally eliminating the need to draw things he doesn't like drawing, Mignola became the spirit animal of indie cartoonists everywhere.  Leaning on Dark Horse/Legends labelmate John Byrne (Next Men) for script help for Hellboy's initial arc, Mignola quickly learned to write in his own voice. 
He had mastered his signature blend of macabre deadpan storytelling by the time he dropped The Amazing Screw-On Head as a oneshot in 2002 with longtime colorist Dave Stewart, which was nothing short of comedy gold. In July of '06, The Sci-fi Channel released this animated pilot on their website , where fans could vote on whether to launch it as a series. 

I'm a little hurt that The Amazing Screw-On Head wasn't picked up for at least one or two seasons. The pilot ends with hints at hilarious possibilities.  Plus, with Mike Mignola as art director, tons of alt-historical horror goodness was surely in store. 
my nightmare made flesh
Perhaps Sci-Fi was just the wrong home for it.  Only a cable network unafraid of extreme violence, cursing, social satire, and adult situations could milk this concept for all it is truly worth.  Who knows? Maybe there is some chance that Adult Swim or Comedy Central might snag the rights to this.  A streaming site like Amazon Prime or Netflix could capture lightning in a bottle with this too. 

What do YOU think?

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Have great day!

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