#DownloadThis - SOUL OF THE CITY II by Shyne On Me

Right when I'm thinking social media has nothing to offer me, I got sucked in by the cover art to SOUL Of The CITY II on Twitter. This album by Shyne on Me, a D.C. area rhymer I never heard of before, may have single-handedly saved the internets from the blazing fires of my indifference...

The sales pitch:
On his third independent release, Shyne On Me leads a soulful journey through the inner- city streets of Washington, DC. The witty wordplay and soulful melodies that make up "Soul Of The City 2" give the listener a "best of both worlds" experience! With Gospel and Neo- Soul influences, Shyne On Me breaks open Hip- Hop's barriers and welcomes a diverse audience of music lovers.

"Gospel hip hop" is the best way to describe Shyne On Me, who sports a contemporary rap flow influenced by Yeezy, Weezy and Cole on their best behavior and unapologetically churchy vocal chops that are likely influenced by a tour or two in the gospel choir trenches.  I get the sense of a dude who has had one foot in the church and another in "these skreets" if you follow me.  If either Post-Kanye lyricism or post-Kirk Gospel music bother you, you might have to let SOUL of the CITY II grow on you. But if you had high hopes for America while praise-dancing in the club to a dope ass Jesus Walks/God's Property blend, then this is the record for you brethren!
Either way, CLICK HERE to cop SOUL OF THE CITY II and more music from Shyne On Me via the miracle of bandCamp.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the write up i enjoyed this!!! BlessUp!

Samax said...

No problem, fam. Great work!

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