In Stores Now- MOSAIC #1 by @GeoffreyThorne and @KharyRandolph!

"I love science fiction, hip hop and sports.  This project has all three in huge quantities"
-Khary Randolph

The sales pitch:
SPECIAL OVER-SIZED ISSUE! Professional basketball player and world renowned celebrity, Morris Sackett, gains extraordinary abilities, at the grave cost of his own mortal body. Imbued with the ability to jump from person to person like a ghost, he controls the bodies and memories of those he inhabits. With his own body destroyed, the one-time superstar athlete must rely on others to survive. The saga of the newest Marvel Inhuman MOSAIC begins here!

Y'all already know we fux wit Khary Randolph.  Now he is working on a comic 
  1. starring a brand new, totally original black protagonist
  2. with a black writer
  3. with subject matter he's excited about
  4. at Marvel Comics (aka the House that Kirby Built)
If you are even thinking about not buying this...  
Look! Just stop thinking that, okay!
I don't know why I have to tell you this... but you need to buy this comic, fam. Or else. Else what, you don't wanna know. Else I will tell Donald Trump you want his attention.  You know... sexually! And you know how THAT guy is!
 So buy this comic.  Do it for the troops, or the kids, or the ancestors....
Whatever.   Just buy it!  If you don't like it, you don't hafta buy the next one.  I just want the record to show that people bought this one.
Mosaic #1 is in stores now.


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