No Defenders Season 2? NO PROBLEM! Do THIS instead!

So, I learned today from our friends at MCU Exchange that there are no plans for a second season of Defenders on Netflix.  Good!  I got a BETTER idea...

The ladies are ready to run this muthafucka…

They ought'a just just go ahead and do the all-female, all badass Fearless Defenders with Simone Missick returning as Misty Knight, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, and Jessic Henwick as Colleen Wing.

Yes.  I am dead fucking serious. The ladies are ready to run this muthafucka.

Between Netflix and the movies, The Marvel U has already got a gang of bad broads ready for their close up!  Jessica Jones is good, but Misty Knight is for the children!

Need plot ideas Marvel?  Here's one, off the Dome:

After the death (or whatever) of Hela in Ragnarok, the underworld is out of control, and undead maniacs of ever conceivable sort are spilling into the nine worlds, including Earth.  Misty Knight is the first to notice it, but everyone she goes to dismisses her findings.

Colleen Wing's meditations are plagued  by visions of an impending invasion of alien undead, but Iron Fist leaves for K'un L'un without even acknowledging her warnings.

The Avengers are off in space dealing with that one dude with the Michael Jackson Glove of Doom or whatever, so Coleen Wing and Misty team up. While Colleen's visions suggest the dou won't be enough to save the world, the press on anyway. The deeper they dig, the more horrific it gets.

Meanwhile, Valkyrie tries to stop the threat in space, but isn't having any better luck than her Earthly counterparts.  The series could cut back and forth from NYC to whatever world Valkyrie is on.   Following a lead, (or maybe banished by an enemy portal) Valkyrie finds herself on Earth.

Eventually, the three meet.

With the Brains (Misty), Soul (Colleen) and Muscle (Valkyrie) in place, the Fearless Defenders are officially a thing.  Depending on the budget, maybe a few more characters (ex. Quake from Agents of SHIELD and Shuri and/or Okoye from The Black Panther) could be included.

And the villain behind the whole thing could be...  I don't know.  Bill Cosby?  DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING AROUND HERE?!?!?

art by Amanda Conner
Anyways, the possibilities for this show are endless... So if you're a Marvel/ Disney/ Netflix decision-maker... I already did most of the homework for you. 

CLICK HERE to read more about the Fearless Defenders

You're welcome.  Now go be great!

-"some AX"

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