REVIEW- DOCTOR STRANGE: The Way of the Weird by Aaron + Bachalo

by GhettoManga contributor Michael Lagocki
I’m reading Jason Aaron and Christopher Bachalo’s run on Dr. Strange right now. It is so good. I love everything about it.

Jason Aaron's scripts are weird and well plotted, and several different arcs are weaving together really nicely. Aaron came to this title with strong, fresh ideas. Ultimately, it’s the story of Stephen paying the tab for a lifetime of nearly impossible feats.

Bachalo is completely on his A game on the art. Completely insane. He’s obviously having a lot of fun. I’m biased, as he’s a huge influence for me, but even against his best Marvel work, this is REALLY good.

It’s the best work on the character I’ve ever read, and I hope they mine a lot of this for the next Dr. Strange movie.
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Michael Lagocki is one-fifth of the mighty GhostWerks crew, co-founder of award-winning Dallas-based live art collective ArtLoveMagic, and Facilitator & Scribe for Go Mindshift.  Comics will save the world.

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