My favorite holla day movie is on...

I'm not a big lover of Christmas movies, unless you count movies like the hilarious Eddie Murphy/ Dan Akroyd comedy Trading Places, that have Christmas as a backdrop and not much else.  Whatever the case, Trading Places is on Comedy Central as I'm writing this on Christmas night, and thanks to my dude Jamar Nicholas, I got into a quoting match on Facebook that turned into a watch party...

No doubt exhausted by an excess of holiday cheer, Jamar tapped out about the time Winthorpe figures out that Ophelia is a pro.  I took the party to my page.  Even if you're late, feel free to comment on either thread with your favorite Trading Places quotes.  It's all love.

In fact, I'd love to keep both threads live all the way up until New Year's Eve, so feel free to jump in at any time!

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