Chibi Doctor Doom Valentine by Celina Hernandez

Doctor Doom is easily my favorite Marvel supervillain of all time (sorry Magneto). MF DOOM is my favorite masked rapper (even though he is mad villainous), and Celina Hernandez (CHIBI COMICS, So Super Duper) is one of my favorite drawers of big-headed cartoon super people. So it tickled my innards to see this piece on DeviantArt, and it REALLY made me happy when she said she would mail me the original drawing!
So, as it turns out, I pulled Celina's drawing of Victor Von Doom out of the PO Box yesterday, so I'm doing a happy dance! Okay, I'm not really dancing, but I'm nodding my head extra hard to this MF DOOM track...

I'm sorry, what was I talking about?
I forget... just click here to check out Celina's tumblr.

Samax Amen draws people, places and things for fun and profit. Whenever possible, he makes it awesome. Because you demanded it (well, maybe not YOU, but somebody did), his freestyle comic Spontaneous will be returning this year. He also wants to draw at least 14 album covers in 2014, so click here if you need album art.

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