(The mighty Mos Def + the immortal Marvin Gaye) x @amerigo615 = Yasiin Gaye #doTheMath

Somewhere in America, a kid is saying "That guy from Be Kind Rewind is making an album with the drummer from Jimmy Fallon's band!" Kids say the darnedest things...

Unfortunately, R. Kelly has pretty much locked up the spot for the Marvin Gaye of my generation, but it's good to see Mos Def gunning for the crown that is rightfully his. He will never have the level of popularity to take it from Kells, but I'm glad somebody sees what I see. The "somebody" in question is actually mashup maestro Amerigo Gazaway, architect of Yasiin Gaye, the latest of his finely crafted *Soul Mates* records, that offers us the hella dope alternate reality collabos that the world needs right now. Enjoy the smoothness via the magic of bandcamp below...
Mercy, mercy, me... I'm such a huge Mos Def fan... Yes, I know he changed his name to Yasiin Bey, but I didn't call him by his first name before, did I? Anyways, this shit bangeth. Verily. Amerigo Gazaway is officially sicker than Hepititis B. These familiar Mos Def sound bombs feel right at home surfing the bleed with Marvin's classic music and vocals. We are romanced into almost believing these songs were recorded this way, and that's a testament to Gazaway's skills behind the wheels, boards, etc.
Click here to hit the bandcamp to download Yasiin Gaye and peruse more of Gazaway's audible artistry. Peace to my dude +Jamar Nicholas for sharing this with me. Now, where is my wife at. She... needs to hear this.

Have a good one...

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