#KickstartTHIS- "Champion of Children Vol1: I'm Known as the Champ"

Okay, so just in case you somehow managed to not notice, my good friend and partner Corance (Minister of Wordery for the mighty GhostWerks conglomerate) launched a Kickstarter campaign for our hip-hop-flavored, multicultural, kung-fu-kid-hero comic Champion of Children. We need your help to get this book into the hands of parents, librarians, teachers, and kids of all ages around the world...

The new joint will contain all the previously published Champ stories, PLUS a brand new joint Corance and Rasheed Hines (GodBody). There will also be tons of new bonus material and assorted goodies. All those who have been begging us to do new Champ can now put their money where their mouths have been: We WANT to believe the demand still exists for quality material that both kids and adults can enjoy, so we will soon see! If this succeeds, I can GUARANTEE more Champ will follow! If not, oh well... 

So click here to get down with the Champion of Children vol. 1: I'm Known as the Champ Fundraiser.



corance said...

No doubt! The Champ universe is waiting to explode!

samax amen said...

Hopefully, the fan base will heed the call!

BAVU said...

i got $25 on it (dap)

samax amen said...


Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Word, i just threw down on it too!

samax amen said...

Word! Thanks Tres!

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