Nat Landry's videogame inspired paintings

Double Dragon's Billy (Red Hair version) by Nat Landry
That dude Nat Landry is at it again... He did these paintings for 8 Bit Art, a videogame inspired art show. Peep...

The Grim Reaper from Castlevania by Nat Landry

Karnov the Fire Breathing Russian by Nat Landry

Luigi by Nat Landry

Bill "Mad Dog Rizer, Contra's Shattered Soldier by Nat Landry
Each of these joints is made with acrylic paint and and water-based paint markers on 12"x12" canvas. Now that the show's over, Nat is offering the pieces for $75 each, so get at him on Facebook if you're interested, or comment on his blog. And tell him you saw 'em on GhettoManga!


pharmacy said...

Very original illustration designs! thanks for post it!

samax amen said...

word. You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

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