"Inking through the page like prints by Jack Kirby..." -Venomous2000

Anybody that regularly reads this blog really ought'a like Venomous2000. I mean, by the end of track two on his most recent joint with Kingshon Still Connected, he has shouted out to Jack Kirby and Dragonball Z... plus, he's a card-carrying backpacker who is certified nice on the mic! What's not to love?

For an indie artist, Venomous does a fair amount of videos, which I assume he directs himself. That's pretty fly! I'm not really into videos that much anymore, but I can still appreciate an artist taking them and adding to the music with them. Venomous' videos aren't extravagant, but they are professional. This one really adds something to the song, which is good.

There are a few collabs and an obligatory posse cut on Still Connected (Venomous likes to share), but my favorite songs on this record feature Venomous keeping the mic to himself, like Soul Journey, Oral Tradition and Breathe Easy. At the end of the day, Still Connected is a well-rounded record. V2G is a worthy spitter that harkens back to the conscious raps that don't beat you over the head unless you want beef or something. Kingshon keeps the tempo vacillating between groovy and bouncy, and blasts off for outer space on occasion to keep it honest. You can download Still Connected for just $5, but I'd say it's even worth paying $6.99 for the physical CD if you still rock those. Either way, I think you'll feel you got your money's worth.

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