Brandon Graham ♥s Marian and other sketchbooktivities...

 Love. It's good for you. Besides expressing his undying devotion to his award-winning lady-half Marian Churchland (Beast, Elephantmen, Northlanders), the mighty Brandon Graham obviously loves comics too. Both of these things are praise-worthy. Here's some of his recent drawings...

in-progress spread from Prophet #26
another spread from Prophet #26
 One good lesson to take away from Brandon's work is to not be afraid of drawing environments. Whether it's cityscapes, epic nature, or some combination thereof, Brandon attacks drawing places with the same fervor he applies to people and things. Which makes sense, since they're all nouns, right? Like love, learning is good for you...

The Long Goodbye by Brandon Graham
Back when I got the news from my man Michael Lagocki that the great Moebius had passed away, the first person I thought of was Brandon. Dude wears his love of Moebius on his sleeve, so it was good to see this on his blog. Like he dealt with it by drawing.  

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