GET FAMILIAR- "Vescell" by Enrique Carrion & John Upchurch

I never heard of the Image mind-bender Vescell before today, when series writer Enrique Carrion sent me a link to his interview with Complex Magazine. The Complex article did it's job of piquing my interest, so now I'ma do my job of dumping a gang of preview pages from issues 1-7 that I rescued from the jaws of CBR for you guys, followed by a little blahzay blah of my own...
Here's the Sales Pitch
The International Company known as Vescell specializes in what is commonly known as 'Vtrans', the transferring of a person's mind and spirit from one body into another. Former Icarus City Detective, Mauricio 'Moo' Barrino is now Vescell's best agent, handling the most high profile and dangerous cases. In the seedy world of a high end corporate espionage, where mysticism and guns clash, and money is tainted with sin, Agent Mauricio Barrino fights against the demons of fate while trying to reach the heaven of his destiny. Be prepared for the bar-raising, sci-fi noir epic that is VESCELL.

#2- Braving dangerous damsels and vengeful villains. Agent Mauricio 'moo' Barrino's intriguing cases leave him stuck between the most dangerous sibling rivalry, and an artificial intelligence who wants a baby.

Lt.Vega is racing against the clock to find a dealer in ancient saint bones that can be used to create S.M.D. (Sorcery of Mass Destruction) Spells. Also a glimpse into Betadov's plans for Mauricio. The Sci-fi Noir Saga continues!

 "Church of Fame"

"HITLER'S A BITCH" Agent Barrino finds himself at war with evil gestapo scientist, crooked cops, and Fraulein femme fatales on his mission to make sure the most evil mustache never returns. 

This dude Enrique Carrion has a mind for sci-fi. I'm definitely looking forward to copping some of these joints. I particularly enjoy how he folds in all the bits of fantasy and future technology, but it feels familiar. And your man John Upchurch is a beast! Upchurch has populated the future with a plethora of brickhouse ladies, which should be applauded. His art is slick and impressive, and really compliments the writing rather than compete with it.
So far, I'd say the concept has serious potential, and just from these preview pages, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this comic. Vescell Agent Mauricio Barrino is a smooth, conflicted badass whose exploits already have hooks in me! I don't know yet if/when Image plans to print the first trade paperback collection of the series, so I may have to track down individual issues. Vescell #7 just dropped at the beginning of May, so I got some catching up to do...



Alvertis said...

Ok. This looks amazing. Art looks AMAZING.

samax amen said...


I hope they collect this in trade.

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