IN STORES NOW- "Glory #26" by Joe Keatinge & Ross Campbell

I didn't make it to the comicshop today, but I happen to know that the fourth issue of Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell's run on Glory hit the shelves today...

Here's the Sales Pitch:

The secrets of Glory's past, present and future have all been revealed, but now those closest to her must suffer their consequences. The Extreme relaunch revolution continues with Glory fully coming into her role as the new universe's instrument of war and nothing will stand in her way, not even her allies.

Poor Riley... Anyways, like I said, Glory #26 is in stores now. I'll may come back and write a review once I get a chance to read it.


Arkonbey said...

Dang. I wish I had a good comics shop around, I'd so be buying this.

Trade-waiting time...

I think Ross has is trying to best Geof Darrow as far as COOl! / GROSS! highly-detailed imagery goes. The cover reminds me of one of the last two-page spread of Hard Boiled.

samax amen said...

Geoff Darrow... that dude is on some other shit! I need to reread some of his stuff...

ross said...

@Arkonbey: i didn't do the cover, it's by Ulises Farinas! he's definitely got some Darrow going on. :) you should check out some of his other stuff, it's even crazier.

MarshallPlex said...

Yea this is a good one! Ive been reading it. Love the art and the story's getting interesting... Don't have this issue yet gotta go grab it!

samax amen said...

I bought it yesterday, but I've been so busy, haven't read it yet!

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