"Condemning ourselves, feeling depressed. Even if you don't feel it yourself, really you're blessed..." -Mi(ni)ster Blakes

Rock with and/or lean with this official video for Better 2 Be, fresh off'a Bavu Blakes' Kickstarter-funded new record Sanct EP. This track features Austin emcee BLAXsmith riding shotgun, and the mighty Reggie Coby on the boom bap.

Like the rest of the nobodies who knew enough to jump on the Sanct EP Kickstarter fundraiser, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this record. As you pro'lly already know, I've been a fan of Bavu for a long time, and this record features that track Eddie Long, maybe my favorite joint of Bavu's since Southern Man. 
Anyways, I better shut it down before I launch into another Bavu Retrospective... Suffice to say Sanct EP is in the pipe, officially dropping May 22nd in digital and physical formats (I'm pretty sure there's gonna be vinyl copies too, but don't quote me on that yet), so act like you know.
 have a great day...

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