(p)review- "CHAINED GUN" by @DonnyFrank

I've been looking in on Donny Frank for years. I think I first saw his stuff during the mySpace era, then started watching him on Deviant Art. Today, Donny dropped a link on the GhettoManga Facebook page to his new 170 page western comic Chained Gun volume 1 which came out on Amazon.com last month.

Chained Gun stars Civil War veteran and fugitive Gallie and the boomstick-swingin' bounty hunter who takes him prisoner. Both are on the trail of Donovan "the Massacre" Taft, who like Gallie was once one-third of a outlaw crew called the Three Sixes.  Unlike Gallie, Taft has no reservations about killing... and has used his murderous talents to make himself very rich and powerful. In this scene, Gallie and Taft finally square off...

Donny's work is unpolished and a little bit out of control, but I love his energy! The feel of the artwork and story reminds me of Trigun without being a knockoff. I read the first two chapters (40 or so pages), and I can't wait to get my hands on this book to see more. Gallie the Gun has a ton of potential. Because he's always holding back, you never can be sure just how good he is. Taft on the other hand is clearly an evil cleaver-swingin' killing machine! Like I said, I can't wait to see where Donny's going with this...
Once I get my hands on Chained Gun volume 1, I'll let you know how it was, but you can click here to order it now.

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