Synonymous With ILL

Classic footage of Chino XL on The World Famous Wake Up Show. Everything from an Interview, to freestyle to live performance footage.
this cat is one of illest underground legends ever!


Omagus said...

And did you know that Chino XL was a member of Mensa?


samax said...

i did NOT know that...
but i believe it! dude is simply one of the illest cats i've ever seen spit.

when people were tripping about how ill Eminem was (at a time when he was ACTUALLY spitting), i would always refer them to Chino... most of them came back like "Daaaaaang!"

Corance said...

What's really crazy is he's still dope after all these years. Chino XL is one of those who, instead of growing out of hip-hop, grew into it and became better over the years. This stuff makes my day.

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