Comicbook World #26

Wacky Republican representative Michelle Bachmann has called for the armed overthrow of the US government. this is the same chick who advised that there should be an investigation into members of US congress to see which members were anti-America.
According to Smart Politics, Bachmann said, "I’m a foreign correspondent behind enemy lines and I try to let everyone back here in Minnesota know exactly the nefarious activities that are taking place in Washington." in a radio interview, she called for people to revolt against Obama's proposed energy tax in an "armed and dangerous" manner. she suggests repeatedly that violent attacks against "this administration" (aka against Obama) are needed to protect "freedom"...

Bachmann's call for what basicly amounts to a second civil war brings to mind a comic called DMZ about the aftermath of just such an uprising. in DMZ, The Free Armies (highly organized but independant militias of angry white Amercans) surprise the government with a guerilla-style revolution that sinks the country into a long and bloody civil war. because the army and national guard are tied up elsewhere, the Free Armies gain traction and the war becomes a stalemate. Told from the point of view of hapless photojounalist Matt Roth dropped in the demiliterized zone formerly known as Manhattan, DMZ is brilliantly written and illustrated. The creative team perfectly portrays the ever-present buzz of fear and despair of people living in a war zone that used to be America.
anyways, Bachmann's veiled racism and paranoia is easy to dismiss, until you consider the massive angry fringe turnout at republican rallies last election season (owed primarily to the presence of a promising black candidate). so while this chick is calling for a revolution, make sure you watch each other's backs fam!


B_Steelo said...

Maybe we should all run to Wakanda and throw off the world budget in the production of qualit consumer goods. That should give enough time to upgrade technology and prepare for skrull attacks

big Shane said...

that bitch crazy!
if Palin was prez, she'd be in her cabinet!

samax said...

Bachmann pro'lly thinks Obama is the Black Panther... like that's his secret identity!

"I did it for national security..."

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