One Wrecks, the other DESTROYS!

Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker (creators of Invincible) have reunited to work on The Destroyer for the Marvel MAX line. because MAX is a mature reader line, they'll be able to bring the ultra-violent brand of comicbook storytelling that Kirkman sprinkles all over his creator-owned books like Invincible, The Walking Dead, and The Astounding Wolfman. Kirkman has done other books for Marvel, but appears to be especially geeked to work on The Destroyer. "[the Destroyer is] touted as being Stan Lee's first comic creation, so I thought that aspect was very cool." said the writer in an interview over at CBR. "It's my favorite thing that I've done at Marvel and I've only written one script so far," he remarked. "I'm really thrilled with this series."
The Destroyer is about a WWII-era superhero who has been fighting crime for decades. upon discovering he is dying, he decides to hunt down and kill each and every one of his villains so they won't be able to plague the world after he is gone... and if you think an eighty-year-old superhero can't get busy, just click any picture to view preview pages. This really reminds me of the movie Watchmen, and that's a good thing (if you haven't read my Watchmen review, go here)!
The Destroyer written by Kirkman, with art by Cory Walker and covers by Jason Pearson, is set to debut in September, so keep your eyes peeled fam! peep the interview with Kirkman and preview art by Cory Walker to tide you over...

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