Comicbook World # 25

after a man in Maryville, Illinois ran into a church and shot a local pastor, his lawyer claims a parasite made him do it. apparently, when the malicious creature bit him, it passed a disease into his bloodstream that eventually drove him insane, turning him into a homicidal maniac! but it wasn't an alien symbiote or a radioactive spider, it was a deer tick! that's right! Lyme Disease has claimed its latest victim!
or not. Dr. Eugene Shapiro, a Lyme disease expert at Yale University, said it would be unlikely that the tick-borne illness would make someone so violent.
"Lyme disease doesn't cause people to shoot people," Shapiro said.
There are isolated reports of hallucinations and psychotic illness blamed on Lyme disease. But these are controversial and some experts, including Shapiro, believe affected people likely had pre-existing mental problems or were misdiagnosed and never had Lyme disease.
whatever, man... roll your socks up and tuck your chains Fam, 'cause Lyme Disease is catching bodies son!

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